Embracing Resilience and Plant-Based Living

Solcial Veg was founded by an inspiring and resilient woman on a profound quest for a healthier and more meaningful lifestyle. After the devastating loss of her father to cancer in 2015, she embarked on a transformative journey, gradually transitioning to a plant-based diet and experiencing the powerful impact of veganism. In 2017, a milestone year that marked her 40th birthday, she fully embraced the vegan lifestyle, driven by a desire to take control of her well-being and make a lasting impact on her health.
Despite facing further challenges along the way, including a breast cancer diagnosis in December 2019 and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, she remained resolute in her pursuit of wellness and resilience. Turning her passion for vegan cuisine into a purpose, she began selling vegan plates to friends as a side hustle, providing accessible and delicious plant-based options. This positive response motivated her to expand her reach and venture into meal prep services, catering to individuals seeking convenient and nourishing plant-based meals.
In April 2022, amidst personal trials, her marriage ended, marking a new chapter in her life. Undeterred by the circumstances, she embraced this as an opportunity for personal growth and enrolled in a business finance class. Equipped with newfound knowledge and an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, she founded Solcial Veg—a haven where exceptional vegan food meets social connection. Solcial Veg goes beyond being a mere restaurant; it is a space that breaks down barriers, fosters community, and rekindles social lives. Through her journey, this inspiring woman transformed life's challenges into opportunities for growth, demonstrating the power of resilience, passion, and the celebration of plant-based living with every delicious bite at Solcial Veg.


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